Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I'm turning 34 this month. I don't know how I feel about it. A little weird, like the number has no meaning. 34- sounds so arbitrary. I guess I don't really like the sound of it after all. I want to do something dramatic. Cutting my hair super short is as far as I'll go, but that is a good idea. My hair is really long right now- down to the middle of my back. and I've been thinking about going almost boy-short. If I do, I'll post pictures.


Andrea said...

well im going to tell you HAPPY BIRTHDAY! now. . . and i think that you should cut it off. DO IT! it would be adorable. I really hope you are doing well. love ya!

Erin Fast said...

Happy October Birthday! Don't cut your hair too short. Mid 30 year old single women with short hair are not a good thing cause the talk of sexual orientation happens. sad, but true. :)

Michael said...

First off, Happy Birthday! :) Second, GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!!

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