I should be studying, but.....

Monday, December 17, 2007

But, it's more fun to write in my blog, even though I've had to write so much in the past 3 days. I've worked on 1 business plan, 1 real estate analysis, a 7-10 page paper, an essay question final, and I still have 3 finals left. Yuck.

My least favorite has been the paper on a simulation (computer game) we had to do for class. I'm supposed to write on what I learned from the simulation. What if I didn't learn anything? And, 7-10 pages? I was finally able to eek out 6 pages, charts included. If the MBA program has taught me anything, it's taught me how to fill up a meaningless paper with impressive charts and graphs. Hopefully, my teacher doesn't read my blog. :)


the House of Payne said...

Speaking for all the faculty, let me just say that we are also blogging instead of preparing for finals.

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