I forgot how old I am

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I think I was so busy during my last birthday, that I completely forgot I had one. I had just started my 2nd year of business school and was making sure I had a job after graduation. I had dinner with some friends and cake afterwards, but then it was out of my mind.

I say that because I honestly forgot how old I am. I've been telling people that I'm 32, but the other day, I realized that I was forgetting my last birthday and I'm actually 33! It's so strange to all of a sudden lose a year of my life. I'll be turning 34 (yikes!!!) in a few months. How did this happen?

Next time someone asks how old I am, I'll just have to say that I don't remember, because that's probably the truth. :)


Boyce said...

At this point in our lives does age really matter anyway? :) I thought you were 24 myself but who's counting?

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