Elephant Safari- part 2

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Yesterday was a perfect day. We went on an elephant safari in Chang Mai. I’m a little obsessed with elephants. They are so cute! The elephants at this preserve are small, so we were able to get right next to them. We rode them through the jungle for about 45 minutes and I loved every bumpy minute. Elephants rock back and forth as they walk. Our guide told us we would be getting a good butt massage.

To end the day, I got a Thai-style massage at the hotel that we’re staying at. I’ve never heard of ‘Thai-style’ massage, but it was amazing. They use a lot of pressure and stretch your muscles as they massage. So, the girl doing my massage had me wear a t-shirt and light-weight capri-style pants. She then proceeded to stretch my muscles by moving my arms and legs around as she massaged. I was surprised how limber I am when I relax. She did the massage in my room, so I just feel into a peaceful sleep afterwards. Ahhhh, pretty much a perfect day.


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