Jamal Habibi

Saturday, May 31, 2008

A very random moment: as part of the project that I was working on in India, we met with a few architects (since we're building more structures on the school property). Anyway, we met with one man who is all about getting a team of people together (architects, contractors, civil engineers, etc.) and coming up with a great concept. To illustrate this, he talked about a project he was working on to create a theme park, like Disneyland. They were going to have a Mickey Mouse character, Jamal Habibi- the talking camel. I started to get a little lost at this point in the conversation. He showed us a video (cartoon) that told the story of Jamal. The best that I can remember is:

Jamal's mother camel gets struck by lightening or something and has Jamal as a result. Then, he makes friends with a princess, goes to court and gets clothing (including roller skates), can then fly around the world, and becomes famous. They have a website, if you want the full version of the story: http://www.yallahafrica.com/jamalhabibi/index.htm

Maybe something was lost in translation here, but it made me laugh :)


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