Really tired

Monday, June 23, 2008

Today felt like my first day at work, even though I've been here for a week. But last week, my manager was out of town as well as the woman who is supposed to be training me. So, not only did they both get back into town for today, but expected me to be fairly proficient since I've been here for a full week already (without manager or trainer). It was a little overwhelming.

Besides, this company has so many acronyms, it's insanity. Even though I know how to read a spreadsheet, it makes things difficult when it's like reading a secret code.

I have a headache.


Andrea said...

i thought it was just my company that had all the acronyms. I have been there for a year and am not sure i still know what they are. I gave up trying. I hope things get better (as I am sure they will) you are missed a TON!

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