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Saturday, June 14, 2008

I keep waiting to blog until I have photos of my new place, but I'm just not getting around to it soon. Maybe tomorrow.

I feel like I've been completely obsessed this week. I've woken up early (sort of) and been possessed with getting this place settled. By 'this place', I mean the small, unfurnished house in Palo Alto that I just moved into. Most people would get groceries, set up the air mattress, and call it good. For some reason, I've wanted to get everything done this past week. Since I start work on Monday and since I've been traveling the past month and feel a little homeless, I just need to feel settled. So, these were my activities the past week:

assembled furniture: sofa, dining table, 4 chairs, kitchen shelves, 2 bathroom hutch things. all of this is Target and IKEA and the reason this stuff is so cheap is because I do all the work! Now, I know how to read and I know my way around basic tools (I did make fine musical instruments for 4 years, after all), but this furniture assembly thing is killing me. Also, it doesn't help that I get so focused on the task at hand that I forget to eat. I found myself lying on the kitchen floor the other day, exhausted (in the middle of assembling a sofa), and wondering why I was so tired. I realized that it was 4pm and I hadn't eaten all day.

I also set up the cable and wireless. The wireless router I configured myself, which took me awhile to figure out. I just didn't want to pay extra to have the cable guy do it. Prideful, I know.

I made about 6 trips to Target, 1 to costco, 3 to IKEA, and 3 to Fry's Electronics. I have a mountain of cardboard to recycle sitting in the garage. But, it's starting to feel like home. Maybe it'll help me calm down a bit.


Jeremy said...

Good Luck at your new job today. Best Wishes and hope to see you soon.

Anonymous said...

What a great feeling to get all settled in. Can't wait to come visit. I should be out there in August.

Linda said...

yes- give me a call when you're in town. I love visitors!

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