day-from-hell No. 1

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It was bound to come- yesterday was a day from hell. It's always overwhelming starting a new job, so I give myself 3, maybe 4, days-from-hell allowed. Well, yesterday was the first. I even wrote it on my calendar at work- 'Day-from-Hell', just to memorialize the experience.

woke up with day 3 of a migraine headache- the kind that makes my brain feel like mush (which isn't very conducive to retaining information) the headache lasted all day, into the next
worked my butt off to get a project done, just to be told to remember all the other things i need to do
unrealistic expectations from myself and my manager
organized a meeting- room was rejected, so arranged another room- rejected, arranged a phone call meeting, no phone available in conference room (hello- i work for a company that makes phones?)
arrive late to meeting that I'm supposed to be running
have all my notes taken out of my hand when the 'boss' needs to see them
can't access the wireless in the room to look at my prepared file (again- what company do I work for?)
have to run the meeting blind- no notes, no computer, no information
and so much more........

Even with all of the caos, I managed to keep a good attitude. I'm actually proud of myself. I only almost cried once. I didn't lose my temper, or vent to any coworkers. Overall, I think I passed the test. It helps that I'm getting paid really well and that eventually, I'll know what I'm doing :)


Brian and Shawntel Ashcroft Family said...

Linda! I have been wondering how you were doing forever and then Amy started her blog which had a link to your blog and I was so excited! I hope it is o.k. So how long have you been in California? I know I need to just go read old post and stuff but I don't know if that is o.k.
Come see me at or email me

k8 said...

ugh, i've had more then a few of these since i started my new job. but it's true, you do eventually feel competent again. I promise.

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