Poor Tomato

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I picked my first tomato from my plant today. It was large, plump, ripe, and.......

had a worm in it. :( I was so disappointed! How did that worm get there? I have this plant on a 2nd story balcony, in a small pot. How did this happen? I tried to cut off the worm eaten portion, but was so disgusted by it all that I tossed the whole thing. At least there are a few other tomatoes on there. I'll let you know if they survive.


HaH said...

worms are from flying things like moths and butterflies. Heck, they probably like your 2nd floor balcony even more than a lower floor.
Next time, try planting a few marigolds or basil in another pot close by. They're good companion plants that help dispel flying visitors.
I'm sorry all your hard work turned into someone elses dinner!

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