Happy birthday to me!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Here are some photos from my birthday gathering:
Me with my roommate, Segie. She's an adorable, tiny Mongolian. I practically have to get on my knees to be her same height.

Tony- a hunky friend from business school.

My birthday cake- we didn't even try to fit 34 candles on it. Wise choice.

With my friend, Jesse. He's my gchat, text-in-church buddy.


Andrea said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Still LOVING the short hair. so adorable! hope your day was great!

Amy Leininger said...

I'm so glad you had friends to celebrate your birthday with! I hope it was lots of fun. Happy Birthday, again! You look gorgeous (as always), and seriously look supermodel-esque with that new haircut. Love it!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Linda!!! Enjoy 34!

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