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Monday, January 26, 2009

Thanks to everyone for thinking of me. I've been down today, so I'm going to blog about some of my guilty pleasures. A few of my favorite TV shows of late.

Miss America: Countdown to the Crown- reality show with all of the Miss America contestants vying to win a 'golden sash'. The golden sash gives them a chance to be in the final 15 of the real competition. I also watched the Miss America contest this past weekend because after watching the countdown, I had to know who won! I like the girl who won, Miss Indiana, she seemed smart and well-spoken.

Superstars of Dance- if you don't know by now that I'm obsessed with all things dance, then you haven't read my blog. My favorite dance team? The Groovaloos- a hip hop street dance sensation! Oh, and Michael Flatley is the host. Maybe it's just his accent, but man, he's still hot.


Anonymous said...

Miss America is so much clean-er then Miss USA. Miss USA & Miss Universe are the same company. Miss Am is more 'the girl next door'! Just a tidbit of info for you!

Rachel said...

persoanll, I am into
true beauty" these days.

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