Raindrops on Roses....

Sunday, February 8, 2009

As promised, a few of my favorite things of late-

1) My new bedspread (purchased from Anthropologie). I love the colors! It just makes me happy to jump into bed.

2) The rain. It's rainy season now in this area and I love a good rainy day (especially when I can curl up in my comfy bed).

3) My new skin care regime. (Beware: I may sound like a commercial here.) I went to one of those booths set up in shopping areas and got a free skin analysis. I wasn't expecting anything great, but the lady showing me all the lotions and face washes convinced me to try this 'Antioxidant Hydramist'. I fully anticipated returning this after a few weeks, but it's turned out to be amazing. I feel very high maintanence when I use it- it sprays on in a light mist (hence the name- hydramist), but it hydrates my skin AND smells like roses.

4) Working out at the new gym. The place where I work has a new gym and I love it! The old one smelled funny all the time and was in an out of the way area. The new gym is 2 stories, new equipment, doesn't smell bad, and has a yoga class on Mondays/Wednesdays. I went 3 times last week and hope to keep it up.

That's it for now. More favorites to come later!


Min said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your bedspread! It is so classic! What fun! So, are you having fun with your new guitar? Love ya!

Anonymous said...

that bedspread is adorable! I've always wanted an anthropologie bedspread.
And i'm all about high maintenance skin regimen. why in the world would i want to look wrinkley when there are so many great products out there.

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