Blowing Glass

Sunday, April 26, 2009

I'm finally posting some of my glass blowing photos. This one is me working with the hot glass. It's on the end of a hollow pipe, which allows me to blow air into the molten glass.

My handiwork: (drum roll please)....
Here's an Easter Egg that I made.

And, my favorite, glass pumpkins. This one's my first try, so it's a little off center.

Here's my 2nd try. I love this one.


Jess said...

Those are so cool Linda! I love them. What neat hobby to pick up. :)

Andrea said...

so cool. and i am so jealous that you are taking that class!

Min said...

Wow! I love these! Is there no end to your talents? Apparently not! You are just great at everything you decide to do! You once bragged to me about how talented your parents are. Obviously, you have not fallen far from that tree! Just gorgeous! And SO. Darn. Cool!

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