Friday, June 26, 2009

I've been bad about posting lately. busy at work. it's been taking all my energy. i'm even too lazy to capitalize and use full sentences.

so, i'm headed to boston next weekend for the 4th. yipee! a much needed break

I'm unexpectedly sad about the death of Michael Jackson. probably because it reminded me of how disturbed he became throughout his life.

it's getting hot here for the summer, which i don't mind too much. but, i do hate that my work place is always over air conditioned. seriously. it's 95 degrees outside, yet i have to bring a sweater and use a space heater by my desk so i don't freeze.

i discovered what was eating all my tomato plants- the crows. big, black, loud, hateful crows. death to them all.


mars said...

That is why all of my vegetables are inside my pool screen. Put some netting over your plants or hang some old CDs on them - it should scare them away. Here the crows eat my oranges and lemons!

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