Thursday, July 16, 2009

This post has been a long time coming.....

First- the trigger:
The past few years, I've noticed that little things really start to bug me. I've lost some of my ability to just roll with the punches. Today, for example, I had scheduled for a pest control person to come and spray the house. We set up a specific time frame (4:30-6:30pm) so I could be home to let him in and describe the situation. I came home at 4:20pm and found he left a note saying that he's already come and sprayed the outside. Why did I leave work early if he wasn't going to come when he said he would? And, I keep getting spiders in my room and wanted the inside sprayed. I was really upset and called the company to complain. I wasn't ballistic or anything, but I was very mad and told them so. I was surprised how irritated I got by such a little thing.
And it's not just today or the pest control person, it's any time I deal with people who don't care, don't think, or don't listen. It's when I try to be nice and another person takes advantage. It's when I feel that an injustice has occurred (to me, a friend, or family member). I just get so mad!

Second: background
Let me give some background that will seem unrelated to the above. Just be patient.

I am a 30-something single Mormon girl who goes to church and tries to live her religion, which includes a very clear doctrine of no sex before marriage. This is the way I choose to live.
Ok, background provided, now on to the next point.

Third: the reason
I'm going to contribute my increased irritation, lack of ability to cope with difficult situations, and agitated moods to sexual frustration. Yes, I am sexually frustrated. It's sad and true. When people are under pressure and have no release, they eventually explode! I just happen to explode at the pest control man, auto insurance dealer, and thoughtless coworker. At least, that's my excuse for now.


Anonymous said...

I guess I have no excuse for my tirades then do I?! :D

the House of Payne said...

Yeah, it sucks. What can I say-- we're definitely swimming against the tide here.

Kevin Ashworth said...

I have a potential solution, for what it's worth: Call another (hotter) pest control man, take more time off work, and then sleep with him. One solution out of many possible solutions. I'm not sayin, I'm just sayin.

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