Unfriendly skies

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I've been so busy at work lately and I'm so tired, but it's past midnight and I can't wind down- so here are a few random thoughts.

I've been a very delinquent blogger :(

Someone once compared me to a rubber band. When frustration builds and builds inside me, I eventually snap. When I snap, that usually means venting, swearing, angry words, or any combination of those three. I really try hard at work to control that response, but when I'm under a lot of pressure (which has happened lately), it just becomes impossible to hold in.

I got mad at a coworker today. Really mad. I'm still mad.

I would so love a massage right now.

Why do some people just suck the life out of me?

I have an over-developed sense of fairness and justice. I don't know why, but I really think life should be fair and just. This brings me to my venting for today:

Dear US Airways:

You suck. Why are you charging me $180 just to change my flight (in addition to the increased airfare)? All I want is the reason behind this. I want to know what I'm paying for in that $180. I want someone to tell me that it takes 5 computer scientists to input the data to change my flight. Or that it takes 1 person a full days work to track down the flight number and put my name on the new flight. I need to feel that I'm paying for something- anything? Unacceptable answers include: 'well, that's our policy' or 'it's just the rule'.
When faced with that unhappy answer, I asked your customer service rep, 'well, I want to talk to the person who can tell me why this is the rule'. Why is it $180 and not $20 or $1,000? I want answers.

Yours truly,
Unhappy and ready to snap

Now, in the long term, $180 is not a big deal and it's not like I'm making pennies anymore. It's just the principle here that counts. I just feel that I'm being ripped off. I won't be flying US Airways again anytime soon. Boo on them.


Anonymous said...

Switch to Southwest. No change fee ever! No bag fee!
And hopefully blogging helps you release some of the anger and tension. I know it does me.
Go schedule that massage!

Mars said...

I absolutely agree Linda! That is the flight I had scheduled for Mom and Dad that I now have to change since Mom got sick. They wanted me to pay the fee back in September and then I "would not have to pay it later". I told them that they can wait to have their fee since Mom and Dad have to wait to take their flight! They stink.

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