Strange Dreams

Friday, January 1, 2010

I've been watching too many movies lately and it's made me have very strange dreams.

I had two interesting dreams last night-

Dream #1- I was in New York City (because that's where everything happens) and I saw an usually large plane over head that was in the process of taking off. It was at a very steep angle. So steep, that I thought it would never stay in the air. I was right and the plane slowly started to fall backwards and eventually crashed in a big ball of flame and metal into the streets of New York. Out of the wreckage, stepped a giant metal monster (King Kong style) that started to destroy everything in it's path. I ran.

Dream #2- I was with a few girl friends and we had wedding planner-type jobs. We were scheduled to help out at a reception. I got there a little late and sat down at a table with another co-worker. We were informed by the waitress that came to take our order, that we would need to 'earn' our dinner. It was then explained that 'earn' meant successfully completing an obstacle course in the woods. The setting then turned into an Avatar-type lush jungle, with vines snaking the tress, etc. I would have to navigate through the obstacle course in the jungle, swinging on vines and climbing trees, all while being shot at by missiles. If I did this successfully (meaning- if I survived), then I'd get my dinner.

After this was explained to me, the waitress again asked what I wanted for dinner. I told her I'd have a steak (which was the most expensive menu item). She looked at me again, with one eyebrow raised, and said, 'Well, I hope you're prepared to earn it'.

Can you tell which movies I've been watching lately?
Don't read ahead until you've guessed.


Here's the list:

Bride Wars
Avatar (of course)
Sherlock Holmes
Kung Fu Panda
Red Eye


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