Moving Day!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

It's been so busy lately because I just moved! I decided it was time to enter true adulthood and get a place of my own. This may sound crazy to some, but this is the first time that I've lived completely by myself in my entire life! So, I'm expecting an adjustment.

First of all, my place is going to be so cute! I love it already. It's a 1 bedroom, has a remodeled kitchen, plenty of light, and space. I plan on doing a little painting and a lot of decorating. I'm still just renting (Palo Alto is too expensive to buy). I'll post photos as soon as I get a little more organized.

And, this means that I need visitors! You can treat this as a open invitation to come and stay with me in beautiful PA. I have plenty of space.

More to come soon!


NecropolisHerbs said...

Congratulations on your new place! Good luck with all the newness.

HaH said...

Can't wait for pics of the new place!

Rachel said...

congrats on the move linda!

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