Tech in Fashion: Eyeona

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Living in the bay area/silicon valley has it's benefits. I love new technology and there are so many exciting startups in this area. I especially think that technology in fashion is poised to make huge disruptions (in a good way). One of these new companies is Eyeona. Here's a quick summary:

Eyeona is an app (on your phone or computer) that allows you to track your purchases and notifies you when an item drops in price. Most retailers have policies where you can get a price adjustment if an item goes on sale within 14 or so days after a purchase. The app also lets you tag an item that you'd like to watch (pre-purchase) and then notifies you when/if that item goes on sale.

The good: I love having a way to tag items that I want to 'stalk' until they go on sale. I actually tagged a blouse at JCrew, ordered it online, and a few days later got notified via Eyeona that the blouse was on sale and that JCrew was issuing me a refund for the difference. I did not have to do anything! It worked like magic.

The bad: on the negative side, tagging items is a bit cumbersome. You have to copy/paste the link into the Eyeone website, or scan a reciept. They should have bookmarklet add-in to your browser to make online tagging easier. Also, they currently work with only a limited number of retailers. JCrew, Anthropologie, Ann Taylor are some that are listed. It will just be a matter of time before they partner with a wider selection.

But, if you have desire to save money and want to give this a go, the application has promise. Let me know if you try it and your thoughts. Have you found anything better?


Brandi said...

Hi Linda! Thank you for writing about Eyeona! We appreciate your feedback on tagging items, and the retailers. We currently have over 200 supported retailers, and we're adding more all the time...stay tuned! Thanks again!

Linda said...

Hey- thanks for commenting. I get really excited about the opportunities to use technology in the fashion/retail industry. I'm excited about the future of Eyeona and will be keeping track of future developments!

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