Tech review: HavetoHave

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I love to explore new companies that are in the fashion/shopping space. This review is about HavetoHave. Havetohave is very similar to Pinterest as it allows you to tag items online (via a bookmarklet installed in your browser). Havetohave has a focus on fashion (clothes, shoes, handbags). The extra feature they offer is the option to watch tagged items and they send you a notification when those items are on sale. They do have some kinks to work out as I've tagged a few items that I know have gone on sale, but wasn't notified. But, I love the idea of watching/tracking all the items that I've tagged. Pinterest just really needs to add this feature.

HavetoHave seems to have a current promotion with Renttherunway- a company where you can rent a designer dress for a special occasion. If you tag a few items on runttherunway via HavetoHave, then you're entered into a contest to get a free dress rental.

Check them out and see what you think. I still think Pinterest is better positioned in this space, so they should really just add a shopping feature. Can you imagine- shopping via pinterest? I'd probably do a lot more online shopping :)


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