European Adventures

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Tomorrow, I head back to San Francisco. After 7 weeks of traveling across Europe, I'm going home. I've loved taking this break to renew my soul. I've done some scary things and had some amazing adventures. Here's a few:

Rode a Vespa through the vineyards of Tuscany
Met a hotel concierge named Peter Pan
Ate gelato 4 times in one day (ok- maybe 5 times)
Almost got run over by a bus in Rome
Kissed an Italian man in the back of a laundromat
Sailed and swam in the crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean
Saw a ballet in the Paris Opera House
Visited countless museums and ruins
Walked, walked, walked
Hiked through small towns and fishing villages, on high peaks and valley troughs
Watched an Italian opera in Florence
Saw inspiring art and sculpture
Ate the best food- pizza, gelato, pasta, pasta, pasta!
And my favorite- I met some wonderful and interesting people.

I'll miss Europe, but I'm looking forward to spending the holidays with family. I'll be writing a lot more about my travels as there are great stories to tell and more adventures to come!

On a Vespa in Tuscany....

Island of Capri and swimming in the Mediterranean


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