The long awaited travel post!

Monday, February 15, 2016

I've been meaning to post more photos of my amazing European adventure, so here they are! It makes me happy and a little nostalgic as I think back to the interesting people I met. I feel like I gained something by traveling alone in a foreign land where I don't know the language. I had to set aside my fiercely independent nature at times and rely on the goodness of strangers. A few months in 11 cities isn't enough time to fully enjoy every town, village and city, but let's just call it a prelude.

(I took all of these photos with my iphone6, which is better for traveling. I applied instragram filters to some, but no other editing was done.)

Ok, so I have to start with an Arizona sunset. There's no place like home.

This was close to the Arizona/Utah border at a protected wilderness area called Coyote Butte. It's an amazing place to hike and I highly recommend it. 

Horseshoe Bend, Arizona.

I had to get at least one shot of the Grand Canyon. I am an Arizona girl!

And on to Europe. This needs no introduction.....

In the catacombs below Paris, over 6 million people are buried.

On a lighter note, Amsterdam!

Cinque Terre, Italy is a treasure. There are 5 fishing villages right on the edge of the Mediterranean. They are so close together that you can hike between all five in a day. I loved this hike and feeling the sunshine on my skin as I followed the wandering path in and out of the coastal woods. This was one of my favorite places.

The Garnier Paris Opera House. I saw Ballet here and loved it. If I weren't already totally in love with Ballet and theater, this would have done it!

Nice, France. The waters of the Mediterranean are other-wordly.

There are so many wonderful cathedrals to see in Paris, but don't miss this special one. Sainte Chapelle. J'adore.


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