One more travel post....Greece, Italy, France

Sunday, May 15, 2016

As most of you know, I took the past several months off work to travel, hike, read, and work on a few personal projects. It's been an amazing few months and I've given myself a great gift- memories of traveling alone in Europe, riding a Vespa through the vineyards of Tuscany, eating my weight in gelato, and watching ballet at the Paris Opera House. I have so many photos from my wanderings that I have to share more! So here you go:

Greece. This was my view from the hotel. You can see the Parthenon at the very top of the hill.

This was the freshest fish I've ever tasted. Rich, buttery, flaky. It was caught that morning by the fisherman who cooked it. 

Island of Santorini. It's characterized by the gleaming white buildings with cobalt blue roofs and pink bougainvilla.

This was just off the coast of the Island of Capri. There are caves there where only diffused sunlight enters. The suns rays hit the white sand at the bottom and reflect up through the water, making it glow. I call it the sapphire pool. This is without any filters.

On the southern coast of France, there are calanques (narrow, steep-walled inlets). The water was crystal clear.

Dumo in Florence, Italy.

At the Vatican, they let you climb up countless stairs to the top of the dome. What a view!

The best gelato in Rome. This is orange chocolate with vanilla and whipped cream. I don't eat ice cream that often, but I ate a ton of gelato while I was there. I already miss all these amazing places. I'll have to plan another adventure soon.


Rachel said...

what amazing photos Linda! I am so glad you embarked on such and adventure!

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