I'm super pissed off now

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I'm a TA for an undergraduate finance class and one of my students sent me this email. I'm super pissed off about it, but need to calm down before I respond. (Beware- there's mild swearing at the end of this post.)

OK- In this part I posted the original email. The situation has now been resolved and I thought it might not be a good idea to leave this email up here. You never know- this student might see it and get mad. More later...


Anonymous said...


I am sure that I would have responded when I was mad to such an ignorant jerk. I was also a TA at BYU for an Art class. There was one paper for the whole class and this one guy did not hand it in - automatic failure. He came to my office boohooing about how it probably got lost and it was on his computer. I told him if he brought it to me in one hour he could have one grade lower. He did. He barely passed the class. The department secretary then told me that she heard him bragging that he just wrote it that day. I figured it was on his head, but it still made me mad.

If this student does not "want the A" as he is saying, then he never would have e-mailed you. Would he have said the same remarks to a professor? I think not. Let the crybaby work to get his A on the final if he thinks he is so great.

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