Playtime is over

Friday, May 16, 2008

Now that I’m in Chennai, India, the work begins. I’m here to help out a non-profit company. I met the director of this school that educates children that come from very poor families (most of the parents have leprosy and are social outcasts). I volunteered to help them out as they want to start a hotel to help pay for the school. It’s a great project and I’m just doing what I can in the 2 weeks I have here.
We live about 2 hours outside of Chennai and it’s really hot and humid. I’m sweating all the time. I’m amazed that no one else seems too bothered by it. We have an air conditioner in our room, but the power goes out frequently. Last night, it went out in just a part of this area (our room was one of the places affected). Since power was on right next door, I though it might just be a tripped breaker, so I asked about it. Another girl (who’s from America and has been working here for years) told me that, yes, it could be the breaker. And that was it. I thought, well, why don’t we switch it back on? That seemed to not even occur to her.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are updating your blog in your short time in India. I wish you were staying longer to hear more since my niece has yet to update hers!
The humidity must be very hard coming from the western U.S. :)

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