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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I had an obsessive moment yesterday. I saw a dining table at Target for $100 (on clearance)! But, they said they didn't have anymore of the tables at that Target, so I could go to another one. The 2nd Target I went to didn't have any either. The 3rd Target I went to, had the exact table, but it was not on clearance (an extra $100)! Some of you are probably wondering why I went to 3 Targets at this point. Like I said- obsessive.

I spoke with guest services, they got the manager, we called the original store and spoke with the manager there. I just wasn't giving up. After 3 trips to Target and all my time, I probably spent $100, but I had to have that table.

Finally, I asked the manager at the 1st Target that I went to if he would check one more time in the back to see if they had them and of course, they did. so, on my 4th trip to Target (the one I had gone to in the beginning), I had my $100 dining room table.


Andrea said...

i would have done the same thing. glad you got what you wanted.

Rachel said...

awesome! job well done linda!

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