Guitar class

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

First of all (and for everyone who was curious), I ended up wearing an adorable polka dot dress for the 'black and white party'. A friend of mine helped me find a Trinity outfit online (thanks Rachel :), but I was lazy and wasn't willing to pay $25 shipping. So I wore my favorite black patent leather high heels and polka dot dress. I was still adorable. Sorry, no photo.

On to guitar- my beginning guitar class started last week and it's a lot of fun. My left hand fingers are getting sore (the strings create callouses), but I'm learning basic strumming techniques and chords. I think the teacher likes Bob Dylan, because all 4 of the songs we've learned so far are his. There's something I really enjoy about singing and playing at the same time. Maybe all those years of having a flute to my face makes me appreciate the flexibility of a completely hand operated instrument.


mars said...

I have played the piano for years, but still can't sing while playing. I guess I am not all that coordinated!

HaH said...

your post made me think about perhaps taking a guitar class at the adult education center. and I also thought maybe tennis. But neither of those are offered near me. HOWEVER, they are offering a springtime rapier and broadsword class. um...I kind of think I'm going to do it. :)

besides, I need to focus more on my flute right now rather than the guitar.

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