The hunger

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'm going to say it. Something that I'm surprised to be feeling lately and a feeling that I've never really struggled with until this past year.

I'm baby hungry.

It may be because I've had quite a few good friends have babies this past year (7 babies born, & 3 pregnancies so far- to be born this year), or it may be because I'm 'getting older', but I'm craving a little baby. It probably doesn't help that I read these friends blogs faithfully and see the adorable photos, videos, and stories of all things baby. Everywhere I turn, there's baby stuff. Three of my co-workers have babies, 2 more with a pregnant wife, I took over for a woman who just got back from maternity leave, 2 more co-workers are pregnant, and when I go to church (stake conference), I'm surrounded by the little munchkins.

I think in the past, I just focused my energy on finding a spouse. Well, that hasn't been working out, so it's like my body has moved on and said, 'hell, this is taking forever, time to get a baby!'

I just have to bury those feelings for now. Maybe I should go and visit my sister with 5 kids. That might help me smother the desire for awhile. (Don't be offended, Sue :)


Anonymous said...

You're always welcome here in Vegas! I'll leave you with my li'l ones for a day or two! Read into this the way you'd like

turleybenson said...

You can come over and eat my baby anytime you want. This one'll make anybody hungry.

Anonymous said...

I hear ya Linda. I've been feeling the same thing. Not sure what to do with it. Its the first time I've felt this way ever in my life...

Unknown said...

Come on over anytime. I'm sure we could cure you, at least temporarily.

Kevin Ashworth said...

This is brave to post on the interwebs, but good for you.

I say Yes! Skip the spouse, get the baby. Skip the doctors, too. Do it the old-fashioned way. Do it. It's what SWK said all along, baby! Just do it. Bow chicka bow bow.

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