Labels, Schmabels

Monday, March 9, 2009

I've always hated those personality tests that tell you what 'color' you are. Oh, you're a white, which means a peacemaker, or a yellow, which is fun-loving. What if I'm a yellow and I date a red, is it doomed? Whatever. The reason I hate those things is that they label people (as if we can be defined by just one dimension). Why can't we work to have the positive aspects of all the 'colors' and eliminate the negatives? What color would Jesus be?

My manager at work loves these things. He had us all take one of these tests (not a personality, but one related to working styles). I drives me crazy that he goes around and says things like, 'I'm just not a verifier, I'm a creator.' He seems to use it as an excuse to be a certain way. And I think, maybe you are like that, but maybe you should change! We can all change, you know. I just hate that he's determined my character based on what a 32 question survey says. Don't put me in a box. It's irritating.


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