Sunday, May 10, 2009

It must be the combination of good weather and healthy vegetation, but there are so many spiders in California! I feel like the house I'm in right now is just surrounded by them. I found 3 in my room today alone. I'm not happy about this. Not. happy. at. all.

1 large one- I smushed, whew!
1 small one- I missed, but the small ones don't bother me so much.
another large one- I missed! That bothers me. Now there's a large, creepy spider somewhere in my room. Yuck.


mars said...

Florida is the bug capital! When we moved into our house we had HUGE spiders as big as dessert plates. The bad thing was they were normally carrying 50 or so tiny spider babies on their backs, so when you killed them, their evil spawn would scatter everywhere! Get some bug spray at Lowe's and spray all of the baseboards. It will help!

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