Sunday, May 10, 2009

I'm spoiled. Lately, it just feels like everything's going well in my life, and it makes me feel so spoiled. I have a great job. Sure, it causes me stress at times, but I enjoy it most the time and I have opportunity to grow there (and get paid really well). I can afford almost anything I want, I have a great garden, new shoes :), just picked up a new hobby that I love (glass blowing), found a fantastic house to rent with amazing friends, I love my ward, have wonderful friends all over the country, can travel to interesting places when I want, get a massage every month, and have fun and adorable nieces and nephews. Overall, I feel very content with my life.

Which also worries me.....

Am I getting to the point where I won't be flexible or willing to fit someone into my life? Some of my independence is out of necessity. No one else will pay my bills, pick up my dry cleaning, fix my meals, or clean the house (unless I pay them). I usually love my independence, but am I getting too independent? Not sure.


Anonymous said...

That is a really good question. Being single forces one to become independent out of necessity and its great to be able to spoil ourselves. Embrace it.
I do believe there will always be room for the right someone else.

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