The Shoes

Sunday, May 3, 2009

And here are the shoes. I realize that these are not the best photos, but the flash was too bright. Is it weird that I took the photos of my feet?


Min said...

They are FAB-U-LOUS! And no, it's not wierd that took pics of your feet! You have cute feet! However, we need to see pictures of the hot red shoes you ran all over for and found at Marshall's! I mean, those of us NOT finding cute new shoes must live vicariously through YOUR purchase! :)

Oh, did you talk to your parents? Turns out they are in the ward my parents live in (the ward we are attending while we live with my parents)! It was fun to see them yesterday. LOVE THEM! They mentioned you will be in town the end of May. Hope to see you, if you have time.

Linda said...

Hey- my mom said that she saw you guys at church on sunday. Now I can keep tabs on you :) Hope your move to AZ is going well. I'll definitely call when I'm in town again.

Anonymous said...

oh those are so stinkin hot! love them.

mars said...

Those are so cute! I want some!

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