Monday, May 4, 2009

After I posted that last entry, I looked at it and thought,

Wow, i have really white skin.

I'm totally pale and could use a little sunshine. I live in California, for cryin' out loud. I should get with the program!


Amy Leininger said...

You crack me up, Linda! I love reading your blog. I thought your story about trying to find the red shoes was hilarious! About being white...isn't that the new trend since tanning causes cancer??? I don't know...I'm so out of the style loop. Most of my clothes have baby food and spit up stains on them now haha. OR...Maybe I'm just telling myself that since I've always burned and have been a whitey my whole life...AHH! Anyhoo...I LOVE the glass blowing! What a neat thing to learn. I love you, and I love reading your blog!

mars said...

I live in Florida and don't tan very well, however I have been riding my bike or walking daily and I while I protect my face very well, my arms and legs are getting quite tan! Unfortunately I wear sneakers so my tan stops just above my ankle!

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