Which Disney Princess are You?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I found this link on a friend's blog and took the Disney Princess Personality Quiz. Turns out that I'm a Cinderella. A few quotes from the results:

Apparently, I have 'a keen intelligent sense of humor' and 'find delight in [my] tiny animal friends'.
But, I found a strange truth to the last bit of insight from the quiz.

'Despite moments of heartbreak and disappointment, Cinderella holds onto her hopes until goodness and beauty are rewarded and dreams that she has dreamed do come true.'

Here's to dreaming.


HaH said...

I took this and the "what type of dog are you?" I'm Ariel for the Disney, and a German Shepherd as a dog. Both which were described as "independent"...ha ha ha...yep.

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