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Monday, October 19, 2009

There are a few things I hate:

Stinky Sponges: you know how if you leave a wet sponge on the counter overnight, it ends up smelling like mold the next day. Then if you use that sponge to clean the counter, the entire counter ends up smelling like mold. I hate that! I'm anti-sponge. I'd rather spend the extra $2 per week and get paper towels. Unfortunately, not all my roommates are as averse to stinky sponge as I am. Say no to the stinky sponge!

Watery Soap: Ugh, here's another one. When the hand soap dispenser starts to run low, some people will fill it with water (so as to water it down and get the last bit of soap out of the container). Yuck! It doesn't feel good to wash my hands with a watery mess of soap.

I just want to say that I have nothing against my watery-soap-and-sponge-loving roommates. They are great and we get along wonderfully. I just have to overlook the minor annoyances :)


Anonymous said...

I hate both of those things as well! I just went and purchased a sponge holder that attaches to the inside of the sink in hopes that with more breathable air around that sponge, it won't smell as bad. And watery soap? What is the point?! Drives me crazy...

Sidwreck said...
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