New find.....GroopDealz

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I found this new company that offers daily boutique deals- GroopDealz. They have some beautiful and unique accessories. The way it works it that you sign up for an account and when you find something you'd like to buy, click the link to purchase. Once they get enough committed to buy an item (to get a group discount), then your credit card is charged and your item is shipped. I'm currently in love with this itty bitty bib necklace. I signed up for two already (they're only $10!). I think it's smart to buy with others and get the group discount. Check it out and let me know what you think!


Min said...

You might also look into
These are also boutique type group deal sites. I love them! I've been a fan of Groopdealz for some time, since I have some very talented friends who have sold items there.
Also, I don't know if you have discovered, but they have some fantastic deals on some fun home decor, fashion, and all sorts of other things.
I am LOVING reading all your fashion posts. You are so lovely and talented!

Linda said...

Thanks for the great suggestions, Min! I'll definitely check out the sites you mentioned. I'm always looking for great finds :)

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