Dare to Dream

Friday, April 16, 2010

My post as a guest blogger on the Dare to Dream blog as been posted! Go to the link below to read it and make a comment.

Dare to Dream

It was a fun post for me to write and I tried to focus on the positives of my career transition from music to business. Hope you all enjoy it!


Min said...

I love it! You are so eloquent! Your talents never cease to amaze me. You are probably the most well-balanced person I have ever had the pleasure to know. Your interests and abilities know no bounds. I am glad you have dreamed as big as the ocean blue. It serves you well. Your fearlessness is admirable. I am glad you took your father's encouragement of "you can do anything you decide to to" to heart. I loved reading your post on Dare to Dream. I'm so glad you shared that part of you!

Anonymous said...

What a great post and great honor to be asked to guest blog. You definitely have great talent Linda!

Rachel said...

Great post Linda!

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